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GT: cALi tEcK

cALi tEcK

Bio: Hello everyone hope you find the random things I post up on my blog useful and entertaining. Now a bit of information about my self. I was Co-Founder of Facility B5D a group that was created in Bungie.net, that later on we found the need of creating a home away from home. We grew to about 2,500+ members in about a year’s worth of time. We hosted a huge event back in 2009 called Hope Unto Dawn. It was a Halo 3 tournament were as the main prize we had 15 sets of recon to give away. This tournament turned out a huge success, with the contribution of all members and participants. We collected about $2,300 dollars that we donated to Child’s Play Charity. This was one great accomplishment not because we gave away 15 sets of recon thanks to Bungie, but because we helped out a great organization like Child’s Play Charity.


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